Thoughtful Thursday: Dog Is My Co-Pilot

So far this has been a great Christmas. The dogs are all getting along, and we all only got one gift each that we put in the re-gifting pile. I’m super excited to have gotten a sewing machine! This opens up a whole new dimension of craft projects for me. I’m not so interested in making clothes as I am things like pillows, curtains, pouches, and whatever else I can think of. I like small projects that don’t take more than a day or so.  And another New Year’s Resolution is to redecorate my apartment so it’s a little more stylish and grown-up.

Since it’s Thursday, and I’m supposed to talk about a book, I thought I would mention a book I gave my dad as one of his Christmas presents.


Dog Is My Co-Pilot: Great Writers on the World’s Oldest Friendship

I give away books as I read them. This is partially due to living in a small apartment, and partially because I don’t like to horde things and am not a pack rat AT ALL. I only keep the ones I think I might read again sometime.  This one is a keeper. This is a collection of essays — some funny, some touching — that have been published in Bark Magazine. There are tons of dog books on the market these days, and I am usually a hard sell. I despise cheesy writing. I read Marley & Me in a sitting. It was all right. I was not overly impressed. I will not bother to see the movie. The best thing I can say about Dog Is My Co-Pilot is that every story made me appreciate my dog even more than I already do.  And that’s saying a lot, because my dog is MY LIFE. My favorite essay was about a dog who was stolen three times.

If you’re a dog lover, get this book!


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