Web Wednesday: Etsy

Already I’ve skipped a day, but it was Christmas Eve! I spent most of the day either packing or driving. Birdy and I drove to the parents’, and we spent the evening at my Great Aunt’s house with some extended family on my mom’s side, eating and exchanging gifts. I got some Lancome skin cream and several pairs of my favorite kind of knee socks. As per usual with my family, there was a cooking catastrophe. The turkey had not thawed enough prior to baking, so hours later it was still not done, so all we had was ham (plus potato salad, orange salad, dressing, rice, gravy, and desserts). I am not a big ham person. I’m not really a big meat person in general. I like some kinds, but only every so often. But I have to say that the potato salad was probably the best I’ve ever had, and what made it was the huge chunks of pickle. Mmm, Southern cooking!

On Wednesdays, I’m supposed to tell you about a cool website. Most of you probably already know about this one, but if not, you need to.


The majority of my Christmas presents were purchased on Etsy this year. If you appreciate unique, handmade things that aren’t your typical big box chain store fare, you will love Etsy. There are something like 200,000 sellers there with items in every imaginable category for every imaginable taste. I am one of the 200,000 and have been since early 2007. The contents of my shop change a lot as I get into different projects. Lately my top seller has been stationery I make from vintage maps. It will even be featured in a magazine in March! I’ll report more on that when it comes out.

Anyway, Etsy is a great place to spend some time browsing and marking things for gift ideas. Also, I always feel good about buying from shops on Etsy because I like supporting an independent business owner as opposed to corporations.


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