Film Fest Friday: Mongol

I’m catching up here from the holiday. Someone on Facebook who shall remain nameless said, “Maybe you should spend less time with the dogs and more time blogging!” I’m thinking since the holiday excitement has died down now, I should have more time for this. Bear with me momentarily while I backtrack.

The best movie I’ve seen recently is Mongol.


I read somewhere that it is to be the first movie in a trilogy about the life of Genghis Khan. One review I saw said, “probably not the movie most people were expecting.” I think that’s probably true, since it was billed as a historical action movie, similar to 300. The movie is entirely in Mandarin and Mongolian (with English subtitles) and chronicles the time period in Genghis Khan’s life from childhood up until the point where he becomes Khan (“ruler”). It’s a quiet movie, except for the battle scenes, and even those are mostly in slow motion. The dialogue is sparing — just as it should be — but well written. The cinematography is gorgeous. The Mongolian landscape is vast and starkly beautiful, and it doesn’t look like any other place on earth. 

As with most movies about historical figures or events, you have to take its perspective with a grain of salt. But it was very interesting to see this interpretation of how a man with great ideals started his journey towards a very successful,  yet very brutal, reign. I’m looking forward to seeing the next couple installments.


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