Super Crafty Saturday: Ashevegas


This past Friday, my mom and I spent the day in Asheville going to all our favorite crafty places. First we hit my favorite of the three great bead stores in town, Silver Armadillo. They don’t have the most extensive selection in town, but their prices are not too bad, and the type of beads they stock are more to my liking. They have a lot of precious and semi-precious gemstones, and I tend to gravitate towards natural materials more than other types of beads that are available. They have recently moved into a larger store in the same shopping center, and it is quite spacious and pleasant. My favorite purchase from this trip was a white rabbit pelt. I know, it’s gross in a way. But it’s also really beautiful and soft. I’m thinking about either incorporating it into some jewelry (to which my mom wrinkled her nose) or making a pillow out of it. Birdy can’t seem to keep her nose out of that shopping bag. It must still smell a tiny bit rabbity to her high-powered dog nose.

Next on our list, downtown! I lived in Asheville for about 10 years before moving to Winston-Salem last year, and I miss it dearly. It has its pros and cons just like any other city, but it just makes me happy to be there. There is a different focus and a different attitude. People are friendlier and everything is more creative. I wish I made enough money to buy an apartment there so I could be there whenever I wanted. Like every weekend.


My mom is a big knitter, so we had to go to her favorite yarn shop, Purl’s Yarn Emporium. They have also moved into a better location on Wall Street. In the past, Purl’s has sold some of my mom’s handmade knitting needles. They’re wooden with colorful handpainted balls on the ends. Mom has been trying to get me to learn how to knit for ages, and it has never really appealed to my crafting sensibilities. Until now. Apparently all it took was finding some yarn I could not live without, and now I want to make stuff. I bought some beautiful, ivory angora yarn, and my mom taught me the basic stitches. I’m practicing with some different (cheaper) yarn first until I can get better. Right now I’m still taking out more rows than I’m leaving in. But I can sort of see why people get so addicted to it. And why I will probably have carpal tunnel syndrome in about a year.


Lunch was at Early Girl Eatery. We frequently end up eating lunch there, since it’s in the vicinity of many of our favorite shops. To really cute boy who seated us with the topo map of North Carolina tattoo: I’ll be back, don’t worry. Mom had a toasted pimento cheese sandwich that she said was a little too greasy. I had a great grilled chicken sandwich with goat cheese and thick applewood bacon. Must recreate.


Next stop: Earth Guild. The purpose of this stop was for my mom to look for a particular type and color of yarn that she had run out of, but their selection of colors had been completely picked over from the Christmas rush. I really like the look of woven things, and the owner of the store gave me a demonstration on one of their smaller looms. I think it looks like a lot of fun, and now I’m thinking of taking a class at the Sawtooth Center. And maybe I will get a loom from Santa next Christmas!


On down the street, we visited Origami Ink, a gorgeous stationer and gallery and a new addition to the bevy of downtown shops since my time in Asheville. I have never been in a store where I noticed how great the lighting was before. Their stuff is all pretty fancy and pricey, and many items I didn’t even want to touch. It felt a little like a museum. Each and every thing on the shelves was placed perfectly. But everything they sell is just amazing. I’m thinking of sending them a sample of my stationery to see if they might want to carry it. Although, I may be nowhere near the right price point to be in that place.


At Sensibilities Day Spa, I fell in love with this stuff. In case anyone was still trying to think of a Christmas present for me or something. *wink*


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