Web Wednesday: nuTsie


I am a huge music freak, so it makes sense that I have an iPod. It was my Christmas present to myself 2 years ago. I felt incredibly guilty spending so much money on one tiny little electronic device, but I have to say that it is probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Lots of gadgets claim to make your life easier…more convenient…and most of them just make your life more cluttered. My iPod has my entire music collection on it, which is about 20GB of files. It took me ages to get it all on there, but now my CDs are all packed away and will never again be lying about getting scratched or gnawed or lost.

I know a lot of people are sort of anti-Apple. They do make some things difficult, like putting your music back into iTunes after reformatting your hard drive, for example. But I freaking love the iPod and the iTunes program. For me, the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

To make iTunes even more convenient and awesome, there is a website I love called nuTsie. nuTsie is an anagram for “iTunes,” in case you’re wondering what the heck that means.

Here’s how it works: nuTsie placeshifts the files in your iTunes and gives you access to it anywhere (and on many different devices) with an internet connection. I use it to listen to my iTunes at work without having to install the stuff on my work computer and without having to bring my iPod to work.

Even better, you can use it to listen to other people’s playlists, and you can “grab” songs or videos you like and put them in your nuTsie folder. Granted, the songs you grab won’t end up on your actual iPod, but listening online for free works for me.

I’ve tried lots of different internet radio things, and while I love the concept, I haven’t been able to find one I can stick with. Pandora is a cool concept (it plays music for you based on what you tell it you like), but it seemed really repetitive to me. And a lot of them just slow down my computer so much it’s not even worth it. So far, nuTsie has been a good alternative.


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