Musical Monday: Trenchtown Rock Anthology


I never get sick of Bob Marley. His music makes me insanely happy, and I have nothing but good memories associated with it, which is nice. Today’s musical selection is a 2-disc set of early Wailers. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my friend, and he chose this album from my iPod, even though he also owns it. This is, I think, a testament to the staying power of the album. Or it could just be a testament to his love of reggae. He is good at reminding me about great music I’ve been ignoring for too long, and at dancing to reggae. And dancing to reggae is just not something I can see the world ever having too much of going on.

This compilation is not for the uninitiated. You’ll find some song titles you may recognize from later Island Records recordings, but here they are raw, scratchy, less stylized. It’s not often you hear a CD that sounds like vinyl, but this one does because the engineers kept the sound authentic by not “remastering” all the good stuff out. One of my new favorites is “Do It Twice,” along with a really great version of “Soul Rebel.”  There are also several tracks on this album that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can download it for free here.


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