Thoughtful Thursday: Special Topics in Calamity Physics


One of the NY Times’ Top 10 Books of 2006. Best book I’ve read in a couple years at least. This is a great description and interview with author. She grew up in Asheville, and those familiar with the town will recognize many things she describes, from schools to shoe stores to neighborhoods.

The story at first glance seems like your typical pretentious-high-school-clique-wreaks-havoc…but there is so much more to this than a dust jacket blurb could convey. Murder mystery, political subversion, lots of twists and turns, great character development. The author has a very innovative writing style that will either annoy the crap out of you or make you want to send her flowers. I personally wanted to beg her to mentor my (nonexistent) writing career. No character or situation turns out to be quite what you think, and I love unpredictable. I was so sad to finish this book, and that doesn’t happen very often.

They’re making a movie, but I highly recommend reading the book before it’s released.


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