Seven Weird Things

I don’t ever really get tagged by other bloggers, but I was on this exercise and also am required to not reveal the source of the tag. It was a friend who wanted to help me with blogger’s block. So, here you have Seven Weird Things About Me. I could come up with way more than seven, but this is all I am allowed today.

1) When I read Rolling Stone magazine, I take notes. Literally.

2) When I play guitar alone, I don’t have to sing because I can hear it in my head. I’m sure my neighbors get tired of endless chord progressions, but inside my brain it’s music.

3) I always compliment people if I have that inclination, even if it is not entirely appropriate. Like…someone else’s boyfriend or something. I think everyone deserves positivity.

4) I struggle with being an animal rights proponent and also really enjoying the sensation of touching fur pelts.

5) I hate grooming and bathing. I like the way I feel afterwards, but I hate the process.

6) I am very affected by the sound of other people’s voices, both positively and negatively.

7) I have a heightened ability to pick up on people’s unspoken moods. If you are having a bad day, I can tell, even if you didn’t really say that or act that way.

I’m tagging Jenny, Lucy, and Jessica. Good luck, girls!


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