Musical Monday: Ryan Montbleau Band


My friend Jen and her lovely husband, Taper Nerd, introduced me to this band a few months ago after seeing them live several times. They are from Massachusetts and are often compared musically to Martin Sexton. Ryan’s voice reminds me of Gavin DeGraw. When I told Taper Nerd this, he said, “Gavin Who?” Waaay too mainstream for these people. So perhaps Ryan Montbleau is the Gavin DeGraw for the anti-mainstream set. They bring a lot of different styles into their music, so it would be unfair to say, “Well, they’re a jam band,” or “They play zydeco,” or “Folksy singer-songwriter stuff.” It’s jazzy, bluesy, bluegrassy, jammy, funky, and soulful all rolled into one. This is music that’s appropriate for all occasions, from ping pong night with the guys to wine and gossip with the girls, a long road trip or a lazy afternoon. It’s fun, and they don’t take themselves so seriously, like that douche John Mayer. They have a song about breakfast, for Pete’s sake. I love pleasant surprises, and this band definitely qualifies.

You can download some shows for free here. Or you can leave a comment and I’ll try to get you a copy from Taper Nerd.



  1. Jenny said,

    January 19, 2009 at 6:12 am

    I laughed out loud at “that douche John Mayer.”

    Yeah, these guys rock. Definitely one of our best finds-we just happened to see them open for another band in SC a few years back.

    Oh, and Ryan himself actually toured with Martin Sexton in Fall ’08–solo opening act.

    • meggitymegs said,

      February 2, 2009 at 1:05 pm

      Dude, he is a douche. Look at this picture of him at a show in Charlotte that my co-worker went to. She said it was reeeeeedickerous.

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