Travel Wednesday: Sesqui Park

The trip to Isle of Palms last weekend was a great success. I love the beach, and I could write about it all day every day on my blog. And I will probably have many more opportunities to do so, because it’s the one place I visit most often on vacation. We had a wonderful time seeing the Acoustic Syndicate show, hanging out on the beach, playing music, and having board game tourneys. In an effort to make our trip last as long as possible, I decided to get up at dawn and watch the sunrise on the beach. We started the five-hour drive immediately afterwards, so we could stop at Sesqui Park in Columbia to hike for a couple hours.

The official name is Sesquicentennial State Park. Like most of the terrain in South Carolina, it is pretty flat, and there are a ton of pine trees. But there’s a really nice 2 mile loop that circles through the woods and marsh around a 3o-acre manmade lake. A very relaxing way to break up a five-hour drive, stretch your legs, and work up an appetite. There are a few other trails too, including a mountain bike trail. There is a camping area, a 2-acre fenced dog park, picnic shelters, paddle boats, canoes…this would be a nice place to spend a weekend.





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  1. February 26, 2009 at 8:56 am

    What beautiful photos and the beach too..

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