Film Fest Friday: City of Ember


Sometimes I like nothing better than a good work of juvenile fiction. It is so satisfyingly pleasant to spend an afternoon reading an entire Harry Potter book. When looking for light reading material. I would take juvenile fiction any day over a “chick lit” novel involving babies or boyfriends or shopping. (Why do those books always end up on the “Summer Beach Reading” lists? If I read that drivel at the beach, I’d end up throwing it into the ocean.)

Last weekend, I saw City of Ember and LOVED it. Since then I’ve discovered that it was adapted from a book by Jeanne DuPrau. Here’s the plot summary: “When mankind is about to come to an end, a group of scientists decide to create and populate a city deep underground. The city of Ember is to last for 200 years after which its inhabitants are to retrieve from a strong box instructions to return to the surface. Over time however, the message is lost and life in Ember is rapidly deteriorating. Their power supply is failing and food is being rationed. It’s left to two young adults to unearth the secret of Ember and to lead the way out.”  This is a great tale of a post-apocalyptic society full of hardship, political corruption, and individual resourcefulness. It gives me hope for future generations that topics like these are being explored by authors of books for the 9-12 age group.

DuPrau has since written a sequel and a prequel to City of Ember, which I was very excited to learn, since this was one of those movies where I was sad when it ended. I might have to read those in hopes that they too will become movies before too long.


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