Musical Monday: Built to Spill


As I’ve mentioned before, my friend grantmasterflash gave me a ton of new music to absorb last fall. I mean, so much that I still haven’t gotten through it all yet. More often than not, I have my iPod set to shuffle, and I try not to look at the display. I really like experiencing new music with no information about the band’s name or genre or reputation. Usually if something I don’t recognize starts to play, and I don’t like it, I’ll just skip it without looking. But if I really like it, I look. (This makes it easier for me to remember the names of the bands I like as opposed to the ones I skipped past. I am dangerously close to needing the 80GB iPod.) Every time I’ve looked down recently to see what was playing because I loved it, it has been something by Built to Spill. This band was included on grantmasterflash’s Loads ‘O Tunes disc.

One of the best descriptions I’ve read of their music says they’re great at “mixing classic rock-influenced guitar solos and quaint folk sounds with psychedelic effects and high-pitched melodies.” You can’t quite figure out what that would sound like, right? That’s why it’s so impressive to hear them pull it off.

YouTube has a bunch of concert footage here. If you’re interested, my favorite album so far is You in Reverse. Listen to the whole thing for free online here. And then buy it if you like it.

Good stuff!


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