Tasty Tuesday: Sakura


I love sushi. And I love people who will go get sushi with me. It’s really not as weird as people think it is. Last week, Coocatchoo and I tried out Sakura, this place in town we’ve been hearing is great. We both agreed it was the best sushi either of us has ever had. Now, I’m not saying I am a sushi expert. I know a little bit about it. I’m not the most adventurous sushi-eater — I know which things I like, and I tend to stick with those. I’m willing to eat some of the raw stuff. But not all of it. And while I’ve had sushi in every available spot in Asheville, I’ve haven’t had it many other places, except Chicago. Which is a city better known for its pizza and hot dogs than its sushi. All I know is that I’m really excited that the best sushi I’ve tasted thus far in my life is available in my current city. The atmosphere at Sakura could be a little more interesting, but the quality and freshness of the food makes up for that. They also had great sake, and Coocatchoo said the seaweed salad was delish.

So, my top three sushi places are now:
1) Sakura – Winston-Salem, NC
2) Wasabi – Asheville, NC
3) Heiwa Shokudo* – Asheville, NC

When I relayed the news of my discovery to another local friend who is also an Asheville transplant, he said, with his typical sarcasm, “Wow, I can’t believe you found anything here that’s better than Asheville!” He said this only half-jokingly, because he misses Asheville just as much as I do. I may be slightly more vocal than he is about my feelings that everything is better/cooler/prettier/more fun/etc in Asheville. Except, of course, the nonexistent job market and unaffordable property prices. Which would explain why we don’t live there anymore.

*Heiwa has them all beat in terms of atmosphere and ambience.


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