Thoughtful Thursday: Tiger in a Trance


Currently reading. Enjoying the descriptive prowess and the authentic dialogue.

From the New York Books Review: “What a surprise, then, to see such a hard-edged, unsentimental book emerge from the tie-dye vat. Tiger in a Trance, Max Ludington’s oddly-named first novel (the phrase is from the Grateful Dead’s “Saint of Circumstance”), with its blotter-acid jacket, is actually a work of clear-eyed realism in psychedelic disguise.”

Update: After reading this post, Jenny said, “Um, but what’s it about?” It’s about a guy who’s following the Dead around the country and the experiences he has with other people on tour and the “scene.” It’s just a perspective from which you don’t often see novels written. Plus, y’all know the hippie in me had to love it. 🙂


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