Peeve of the Day: Maury

Let’s face it — this has gone way beyond the “Random Pet Peeve.” My peeves are more than random. They are frequent. Whose aren’t? Good thing I have a blog to vent about stuff.


I will readily admit that I have watched very little TV over the last five years or so. But when did this guy become the new Jerry Springer? Didn’t he used to be semi-respectable? Has his career shift affected his wife’s reputation as a “serious” journalist? Or did she lose respect years ago? I feel so out of touch. I just walked through my living room and read a caption that said “Jessica just found out her 16-year-old daughter has already prostituted herself.”

That sentence would be disturbing enough if not for the use of the word “already.” Why do we have TV shows that publicize the antics of the lowest rung of the intelligence scale? Why do people find this entertaining? It makes me so sad I can hardly stand it.


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