Musical Monday: Ben Harper & Relentless 7


Y’all know I love me some Ben Harper. But I have to say I am a little disappointed with his latest musical venture, playing with Relentless 7, a garage band from Austin. The studio album, White Lies for Dark Times, is Ben’s 10th and not terrible, but somehow it falls a little flat. And they’re not that great live. This is so strange, because I used to say the opposite about Ben’s other stuff when he plays with the Innocent Criminals, who are so polished musically. That music is all right on the CD but amazing live. And that one sentence tends to sum up most of the (modern) music I like.

I thought I’d really dig the new stuff because it is a lot more rocking and amped, and I tend to like that to a certain extent. I will usually take gut-wrenching, wailing guitars and power chords over plaintive, high-voiced whining. But it’s gotta have a groove to it, and that’s what is missing from the Relentless 7 music. Maybe I’m judging too soon. Maybe I should watch this new DVD Swamp made me some more so I can absorb his hotness…I mean, give the music another listen. Now, if I could get a DVD of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, or better yet tickets to a show they’re both playing…I’d be pretty happy. My birthday is October 4th. Peace!


1 Comment

  1. Jessica said,

    July 27, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Um, he’s totally hot in this picture!

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