Spiders and Ticks and Fevers, Oh My!

Usually if I take weeks off from blogging, I have a pretty good reason for it. Usually the reason is feeling crappy.  August, my least favorite month for a myriad of reasons, has finally taken its bow and been dragged off stage. Just in time for us all to spend half of delightful September recovering.

Recently I was bitten on the knee by a brown recluse spider, while either hiking, sitting on my porch, or sleeping. One never knows. If you’ve ever played soccer and been kicked hard in the knee by an opponent’s raging cleats, then you know what I’ve been feeling like lately. Luckily I pay attention to things like joint pain, swelling, and redness, especially when accompanied by a fever. So I’m finishing up a round of antibiotics and getting pretty well healed. This is kinda what my bite looked like, only a lot bigger, and on my knee:


My friend Swamp, on the other hand, has not been quite as lucky this summer. Back in July, there was a bout of acute appendicitis (and resultant emergency surgery) that cost us a trip to the All Good Festival. I really hated selling those tickets on Craigslist. Then stupid August sent some infected tick to bite him, and now he has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. He’s been suffering for two weeks already with severe headaches, fever, body aches, and chills. Finally convinced to go to a doctor (MEN!), he now has two more weeks to look forward to, of antibiotic treatment and slow recovery. And the man has not missed a day of work. Unbelievable.


We’re in central North Carolina, in one of those dark blue counties.

It just makes me a little wondrous at the scientific miracle that is antibiotics. I suppose if we’d been born not even a whole century earlier, I would have probably lost a leg this summer, and Swamp might be dead. How crazy is THAT to think about?

Come on………OCTOBER!


1 Comment

  1. Aaron Lesher said,

    October 1, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    RMSF. That is a major bummer. And that is definitely not your thumb, although I know you weren’t pretending it to be.

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