It’s my birthday today! I’m not telling the number. This image of too many candles for the cake pretty much sums it up! Every year my parents call me very early in the morning. My dad always says, “Don’t worry. Age is just a number.” And my mom always says, “Well, it was about this time X number of years ago when we headed to the hospital.” I wasn’t actually born until like 16 hours later. And my mom, who was/is a naturalist hippie, had natural childbirth.

I can barely remove a splinter without a few shots of liquor. I once stepped on a rather large piece of broken glass and got it lodged in my big toe, and my boyfriend at the time, who had to come and pluck it out, thought I had been attacked, the way I screamed bloody murder. So, thanks for that, Mom, and everything else you’ve done to be a good parent. Actually, thanks Mom and Dad — I know it’s been a two-person job.

I have the blessing of many good friends who want to celebrate me tonight, so we’re all getting together for a cookout in this awesome, perfect October weather. I’m cooking for the party and listening to reggae on the radio…so I’ll sign off with some words I just heard from Jimmy Cliff.

“I’ve got many rivers to cross, and I merely survive because of my will ….”


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  1. Kade said,

    October 4, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    It was actually a rather small piece of glass – that’s what made it so funny, and the fact you screamed your head off like your life was about to end. Happy birthday, I hope it is a fun time.

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