Culinary Milestone!


Over the weekend, I had Indian food for the first time in my life! I’d always wanted to try it — I love exotic foods, and I like new and different experiences in general. I mean, I’m not about to bite the head off a crispy grasshopper or anything. I don’t eat things with eyes (or other obvious appendages) still attached. But I will try new and different flavors, spices, and etc. Unfortunately, I don’t know a whole lot of other people who are eager to experiment with their taste buds. Some people I know — not naming any names — have their tongues on lock down like POWs subsisting on white rice and hot sauce. It’s funny how people that are so extraordinarily open-minded and accepting about many things can also be not-so-open-minded at all when it comes to branching out in the food department. I”m so glad for Coocatchoo, who is always open to trying things with me! Except meat. But she has an adventurous spirit.

My theory is, if it tastes THAT bad, I can spit it out before I vomit. Worst-case-scenario: you take a bite and realize it’s the worst thing that you’ve ever tasted. And….you don’t do that again. I don’t have a lot of patience for people who refuse to even try things before declaring their hatred. I even periodically try foods I know I haven’t liked in the past, like green peas, just in case my taste buds changed. (It has been known to happen. But not with green peas.)


But Indian food is really not even that weird. It just involves a lot of spices and flavor combinations that are not commonly used in everyday dishes familiar to Americans, although I have used many of them in various recipes. For example, the entree I got was called Chicken Butter (don’t know why) and involved white rice, chunks of chicken, and a delicious creamy tomato sauce made with curry, coconut, and ginger. And probably other things I couldn’t identify — the menu was a little, shall we say, vague with the descriptions. For an appetizer, we got vegetable pakuras, which were like balls of chopped vegetables, lightly breaded and deep fried, similar to a tempura. This came with a sweet brown sauce and a spicy tomato sauce. I have no idea what was in either, but they were both divine. And to accompany, garlic naan (flat bread) and Maharaja beer (crisp, pale, and not too bad)!



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