Movies: Adventureland

The downside to being a movie buff is that the more you watch, the harder you become to please. I’ve been pretty disappointed with most of the movies I’ve seen lately, aside from a couple good documentaries. Adventureland is the only thing I’ve seen in a while that I would actually watch again. And that’s saying a lot for me, because there are some movies I’ve seen so many times I can quote them from beginning to end — accents included. This is also a significant statement due to the presence of Kristin Stewart.

It’s not really that I don’t like her. I think she seems like a cool person, and I would not mind hanging out and having a beer with her. Wait, she’s probably not old enough to have a beer. Anyway, I just feel like her acting is the same in everything. I guess that could be said about a lot of Hollywood celebrities nowadays. I suppose that is part of their marketability. I actually didn’t mind her in this because there were enough other good characters to prevent her from being the sole focus for two hours. She is definitely better as part of an “ensemble cast” rather than STAR!  I love Jesse Eisenberg — he is definitely the kind of nerdy-yet-adorable boy I would have had a crush on back in the day. And his acting is not half bad either.

Besides the fact that it’s set in the 1980s (and that’s pretty entertaining in itself), what I really loved about this movie is the period in life that it highlights — the time when you are just killing time due to unforeseen circumstances preventing you from progressing to the next phase, and trying to enjoy yourself while also feeling like you have no idea what the hell you’re doing, and you’re  into Lou Reed when the rest of the world is obsessed with WHAM! I’m not sure everyone goes through that stage in life. But it’s definitely something that I identify with. In fact, I would say I feel like that most of the time. Just trying to figure things out.

Two thumbs up. And great soundtrack.


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