Crafty Love

A new blog feature, to be a regular one. Because I like cool stuff that people make, and you care what I like. ūüôā

I’m just throwing this out into the universe in the hopes that someone will repeat it to the appropriate party one day. This awesome-in-its-simplicity white topaz ring is what I want if I ever become engaged. I¬†could not¬†care less about diamonds. So, friends, remember to pass that along if you ever need to, K? One day it may come to pass. $65 by Garnet Girl Designs.

Every girl needs a compact mirror sometimes. I need one more often than most people because the light in my cavernous apartment’s bathroom sucks, and therefore I am beginning to rely on friends (or¬†their lighted car visor mirrors) to tell me when I need to pluck my eyebrows. This is unacceptable. I totally want one of these cute little hippie chic compacts, although I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. I’m kinda partial to that first one in the green and purple. $3.75 by Kung Fu Cowgirl.

Now that mass-market retail has once again embraced “hippie fashion” — a term my mother abhors,¬†since she wore patchwork because she had holes —¬†I have a really hard time finding uniquely boho things to wear.¬†I¬†have a certain style¬†that I like, but I¬†don’t want to¬†be at¬†a festival or show wearing a¬†skirt whose brand or origin¬†one can¬†easily identify.¬†It’s also hard to find suitably non-Ann-Taylor-looking clothing for occasions where tie-dye is simply not going to pass. But the¬†construction and detailing¬†on this tunic¬†are so nice, I think I could even get away with wearing¬†it to the office. Maybe. So unique! $74 by Chopstix Waits.


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  1. January 12, 2010 at 10:32 am

    That ring is gorgeous! Love it! Also, I have a similar theory about hippie fashions…I haaaaaaate when I see a cute shirt at goodwill or somewhere and it’s got a damn JC Penney label in it or something. Refuse. That’s why you need to teach me to sew.

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