Things I Learned This Week

Carmex is a miracle product. I’m usually not one for pimping out brands, but holy crap this stuff really works! Since we’re having an ungodly cold winter this year, my lips were cracked and bleeding for the first time ever, and I tried everything to doctor myself to no avail. I tried Neosporin. I tried vitamin E. I tried 100% lanolin. Nothing was working. I googled my condition and discovered it could be all these serious things (like an iron deficiency) causing it. So I made a doctor’s appointment because I was convinced there was something really wrong with me. A coworker suggested Carmex after she experienced the same cracking issue. The stuff healed me after 3 days and I cancelled my doctor’s appointment. Also, it feels all tingly and nice, although I do not like the way my hair sticks to it if it gets blown anywhere near.

Having a cold sucks. But it doesn’t suck nearly as much if you have some good drugs with which to self-medicate. And this Alka-Seltzer Cold stuff, friends, is the bomb-diggity. In addition to making me feel just well enough to drag my ass to the office, it also produces some really rad dreams when you take it at night. For example, a couple nights ago, I dreamed I saw Jimi Hendrix live and then got trapped inside an exit-less shopping mall where people only spoke French. At some point, I opened a door I thought might be an exit, and stepped into a black-and-white, charcoal drawing of an old house, haunted by the ghost of Angelina Jolie. Who is not actually dead, but so gaunt and pale at times that she might as well be a freaking ghost.  There was also something about stealing key cards from military personnel, and tunneling secret passageways from the lockers in a locker room.

As long as I’m piled up on the couch under my patchwork quilt with my cracked lips, stuffy nose, and cuddly dog friend, I need some good TV to watch. I don’t have cable, so I’m usually about two years behind on all the good shows, which is not necessarily a bad thing, because it means I can catch up all at once online and not have to wait for the next episode. Plus, no commercials. I just discovered Fringe, which is in its second season now, and it is freaking great. How can you not love a show that involves federal agents, a mad scientist, and Joshua Jackson? J.J. Abrams, I heart you. And I’m still waiting to find my Pacey/Peter Bishop.



  1. Brooke said,

    January 16, 2010 at 3:05 am

    this post makes me laugh uncontrollably.

  2. Aaron Lesher said,

    January 18, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    Nyquil is the nectar of the Gods. Give it a drag when you have a cold and need to cleep really, really well.

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