Crafty Update: New Projects

My latest crafty projects have been, strangely, purely for my own personal use and enjoyment.

On a recent trip to Goodwill with Jen, we discovered the joys of pay-by-the-pound when scavenging for thrifted fabric. I found 25 pounds of good stuff, but one of the great finds was a retro-cool 100% Alpaca sweater, handmade in Peru. Too large for me to wear, but perfect for trying out this sweater hat tutorial that I’ve been pondering for months and waiting for just the right sweater. I’ve also now got six awesome handmade ceramic buttons to use for some other project. Here’s a picture of Birdy modeling the hat for me:

She is not impressed with having anything on her head. A prime example would be the year chaos ensued when we tried to put Santa hats on her and Riley for the family Christmas photo card. Oh, we thought it would be so funny and clever until both dogs were rolling on the ground, pawing desperately at their heads, leaving shreds of red felt on the porch and our neighbor as photographer in tears of laughter while we sat by helpless in our carefully coordinated red and white outfits. Dog clothing doesn’t really work unless it’s on tiny dogs you can coerce into submission with your alpha human authority. As Riley would tell you, you don’t really coerce a 100 lb dog to do anything, and if he’s not doing it, then neither is his cousin.

However, when I asked Bird Dawg nicely to please sit still while I took the picture, she obligingly hunched her shoulders and froze for me for a few seconds. I believe the difference involved the lack of elastic chin strap. You may be able to detect a slight grimacing gritting of the teeth. The pom-pom is made from some chenille yarn I had leftover from the scarf I made last year for Coocatchoo.

The other project I just finished is a new shower curtain. I hate shower curtains. Most of my adulthood has been spent showering in tubs with nothing but a clear liner. This is mainly because I have never had a very big bathroom, and it makes the room feel less claustrophobic. Like mirrors! But I finally decided I wanted a little color in my bathroom, so I bought a cool wall tapestry on eBay for like $8, and cut it down and sewed it back together so it was the right size. A few slits in the top (because I was too lazy to make real button holes) and I had a brand new piece of apartment decor. Luckily, the fabric has a relatively open weave, so it lets enough light through that I can still see to shave my legs without too many ankle nicks.


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