Movies: The Blind Side

All right. Y’all can make fun of me all you want for loving this movie. But I loved it. And I’ve already watched it like three times. I really went in with low expectations. I mean, heart-warming movies these days are few and far between without being too cheesy to even watch or relegated to Lifetime.

But first of all, this is based on REAL PEOPLE. TRUE STORY! And it makes me feel a little less bitterness towards the army of SUV-driving upper middle class, private-school paying families in the world, because now we know at least one of those families did something amazing with their good fortune. As I’m sure many do. But I believe few would in such a personal manner. It’s a lot easier to write a check to the Red Cross (or whatever) than to adopt a child into your family and give them a new life and new opportunities.

I am also slightly biased because I really love Sandra Bullock, even though I don’t love all of her movies — but the ones I don’t like had more to do with poor scripts than her acting. She is originally from Virginia, and I really appreciated the fact that she had an extremely authentic Southern accent in this movie. Definitely a rarity in Hollywood. (I’m talking to you, Anna Paquin.)

I don’t like country music, so Tim McGraw being in this meant nothing to me. But he was pretty good! And the message is just awesome. I so admire people who are able to (and consciously choose to) alter someone else’s entire existence for the better. If only more of us had the means to do so, to compliment that desire.


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