Random Pet Peeve: Baked Lays

It’s like eating card stock. Have we seriously not reached the point in food evolution that we can’t produce a diet food that doesn’t taste like cardboard? GACK.

Crafty Update: New Blog Feature!

Just wanted to say thanks to Rebecca at Try Handmade for including me in an article she has written about eco-friendly travel tips. I’m honored to be included with such talented artists.

Crafty Love! Random Stuff I Like

I’ve always loved garden art. Not gaudy spectacles, but small, well-placed objets that make you smile when you happen across them while exploring. Like hunting for Easter eggs or buried treasure. Joy in the unexpected. When I am an old lady, I hope to have a beautiful garden full of odd things, where I can host scavenger hunts for neighborhood children and read stories to them about the great outdoors while having tea and crumpets on picnic blankets. Hopefully with a bunch of dogs hanging around. The first thing I’d hide would be this garden marker. Maybe underneath a giant pink rhododendron. $15 by The Magic Mud.

I inherited from my mother a serious penchant for lamps. And although I’ve never been a big fan of theme decor, I do love this lamp. It reminds me of my visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, where I saw herds of elk and beautiful mule deer. I’d love this lamp in a cozy library with a fireplace and an overstuffed leather chair. $295 by Glassman1.

One of the things that annoys me about myself is that I tend to be full of contradictions. Case in point: I hate knick-knacks, or as we call them in the South, “set around things.” This is probably a result of growing up in a house full of precious mementoes that I was required to dust every Saturday morning prior to doing anything fun. Also, I hate clutter. I live in a small apartment with little space for impractical things. But on the other hand, I have always loved little boxes. I don’t really have anything to keep in little boxes, and that is a point of internal conflict for me. They are not practical. But I love them. I love the mere idea of boxes to hide secret things from plain sight. And this little star shaped tie-dye box will be mine. What can I keep in it? $5 by Mmim.