Go MamaSox!

I’ve never really watched American Idol before this season. I mean, I”ve seen a couple episodes here and there. But I never got attached to any of the contestants. But holy shit — if Crystal Bowersox doesn’t win this year, I will go back to thinking America is a bunch of frikking idiots, in the words of Doctor Evil.

It is the absence of talent like hers that made me shun the show in years past. This year, hearing what she is bringing, I”m like, not only would I vote for her if I had cable and knew what was going on in real time, but if she doesn’t win and she ends up putting out an album anyway, I’m BUYING IT! This country has not heard hippie soul like hers since Janis Joplin. I”m blown away by her authenticity and raw talent. No one else on the show measures up to her. Some of the others are semi-talented. I think Siobhan Magnus is cool. But I don’t think she has mass appeal. I thought it was a load of crap that Katie beat out Lilly Scott, who was awesome as one of the most original talents anywhere. But none of them hold a candle to my dear Crystal.

The last episode involved eliminations, and Crystal looked totally pained the whole time. I couldn’t quite figure out if she was worried for herself or just as pissed as I was that Lilly got voted off. Or maybe she was still feeling rotten since she’d recently been hospitalized. In any case, Crystal, YOU ROCK!  Please stick it out for those of us who are not all about mainstream radio and who think you are the absolute bees’ knees.

Your talent is effortless and amazing and makes me cheer for you. And that is a hard thing to come by for anyone.

Go MamaSox!


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