Crafty Love! Random Stuff I Like

I can’t get over the innovation of these cool cuff bracelets. First of all, the embroidery is really detailed and colorful, but to make it even more interesting, it’s done on recycled men’s neckties. I really love these, and there are about four different ones I’d love to have. I also appreciate this seller’s pledge to donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit pet rescue in San Francisco. $45 by Madrigal Embroidery

As someone who works in marketing and advertising, I really love nice graphics. Somehow the color combination in this cat-and-bird print is unexpected, but it works. Love the inclusion of pink in the forest — reminds me of spring and blooming dogwoods! Also, since my pupper is named Birdy, I kinda have a thing for birds. $20 by Simply Fine by Karin

I am one of those people who has cases for everything. My purse is full of cases. Ipod case. Ipod cords case. Reading glasses case. Cell phone case. Change case. Camera case. Flip case. I even have a case of paperclips. Hey, even if my apartment is one big pile of stuff (but I know exactly where everything is), at least my purse is organized. This little felted case would be perfect for a cell phone. It sort of defeats the purpose of tiny technology when you can’t ever find it in the depths of your bag and spend half an hour digging around for something that feels like it could be a phone. Meanwhile you’ve missed 4 texts. I have a phone case already, but my two complaints about it are that it’s a little too big, and it has no closure, so the phone still falls out sometimes. This one would solve all of that, plus I LOVE the color and design! $25 by Sircu


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