Crafty Love! Random Stuff I Like

I have a real obsession with the color green and with trying to bring the outdoors in. I even have tree branches hanging from the ceiling in my hallway. Everywhere you look around my apartment, there is something green and/or leafy. Naturally (pun intended – ha), I could see this lovely stained glass box just about anywhere amongst all my green treasures. We’ve talked before about my collecting boxes and then not knowing what to store in them. And I would feel the same way about this one. Maybe I can collect boxes just as small pieces of practical art! But I need display space for that. Sigh. Will work on it. $75 by Gallery Stained Glass

Oh, how I love sushi — the exotic flavors as much as the food art aspect. Incidentally, this recent article in our local newspaper is like the best review of a sushi place ever. I sort of fantasize about becoming a master sushi chef just to be able to enjoy it at home. But the closest I’ve gotten is buying all the necessary ingredients, and then cooking and eating them at the same time but just without assembling them into the requisite roll shapes. I don’t have all the equipment anyway — like a rolling mat. But I’m pretty sure that if I had this beautiful leopardwood sushi table, I would probably just have to, at that point, go buy a rolling mat and get started. It is so typical of me to enjoy a food based mainly on its aesthetic virtues. $50 by Newberry Kitchen Accessories

Have I mentioned yet how much I like practical things? I love the concept of this — it’s a zippered arm band that you can wear while jogging or whatever instead of having to carry a purse. Because I love the look of (some) purses, but I hate carrying them. I don’t like to feel weighted down. I often think about how, in the event of a surprise parking lot attack, my purse will probably slow me down by the extra five seconds I need to react and escape. I probably spend way too much time thinking about exactly how I would toss away (or perhaps use as a weapon) my bag if I needed my hands to be free. Just think about how much safer I would feel with ARMIES! (Love the name, also.) $12 by Bean Tails


1 Comment

  1. bluebird09 said,

    March 23, 2010 at 8:24 am

    I like it,have you thought of glass lamps?

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