Crafty Love! Random Stuff I Like

I was never that big on dollhouses as a kid (except for my Barbie Dream House with elevator and rooftop terrace). But I really want to get this dollhouse kit and put it together and paint it for some lucky child, since I would have absolutely no where to put it once I finished. It reminds me of the Victorian house I grew up in, although ours was much less ornate. $87.95 by Victorian Doll House

I already own a vintage apothecary bottle like the tallest one in this set. I use it for holding incense sticks on my kitchen counter. I love it so much I want an entire set of them. I love containers. I’m trying to get organized at the moment and do Spring Cleaning, so that’s what inspired this selection. $34 by Lack Luster Co

This past Saturday, I went to a pottery show in Hickory, NC. There was so much great stuff there, and it was so crowded that it was slightly overwhelming. I really racked up, with a huge salad bowl, some Christmas ornaments, and a necklace from Odd Designs, whose beautiful irridescent Raku work was something that really stood out as being unique at this particular show. The pendant I got is irridescent and leaf-shaped with abstract organic carvings. I love it. After I bought it, though, I had this thought: “This is totally something my mom would buy for herself.” So, apparently I am already turning into my mother. It’s a bit early for that. $18 by Odd Designs


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