True Friends vs. Best Friends

The older I get, the more my views on friendship (and relationships) continue to change. For example, there’s a difference between best friends and true friends. Best friends ARE true friends, but true friends don’t necessarily have to be best friends. Does that make sense? Sort of like how all Scuppernongs are Muscadines, but not all Muscadines are Scuppernongs. Wait, that’s another Southern idiom you might not understand. I keep doing that.

To me, best friends are the people I communicate with most frequently and am able to share with closely. Best friends are a variety of true friend. The larger umbrella encompasses some of the awesome people who have come into my life at one time or another, who may not be in it as closely or as frequently now as they once were, but whose absence is never fully solidified. They are the people I may not have spoken to in years, but who I think of often and know I would call if I just happened to be in town or needed help with a specific problem, and our next conversation will feel just as comfortable and connected as the last one. They are the people who accept without bitterness that everyone’s lives spiral in different directions, who understand that it doesn’t mean we care any less about each other. They are the people who make me feel understood and appreciated, valued and admired. I really hope I make them feel that way also.


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