I Moved. Chaos Ensues.

So I moved into my new house. Well, I’m actually still in the process of moving into my new house. I can’t find anything because I didn’t label my boxes well, and because I own a bunch of random shit that defies labeling and ended up tossed in random boxes. It’s been a nonstop adventure since I took possession. I sort of knew what I was getting myself into. I wanted an older, quirky house, and I can deal. But there have been some annoyances that still need to be worked out. And they will be in time.

1. The dryer doesn’t work.

2. The washing machine drain pipe is clogged, so there is a rigging of plastic grocery bags at the top to prevent water from spraying out. And the whole thing rocks like it’s jamming out during the spin cycle. Not good.

3. The oven does not heat up.

4. The second dryer didn’t work either. But my boss is getting a new set and he said he’d give me his old ones.

5. I now have the smallest bathroom I have ever had to live with, and there is a window in the shower, which makes me really uncomfortable! Not much of an exhibitionist!

6. Apparently the cable line is not grounded, so they have to come install a new one on the opposite wall.

7. I either have no blinds, or they’re broken, so I’ve temporarily nailed blankets over the windows so I can sleep because I can’t deal with any light at night. That looks SO pretty!

8. Bought new mini-blinds, but have no way to drill into metal door. Borrowed friend’s drill. The cord is not long enough.

9. Rigged up a clothes line in the back yard to dry clothes without dryer. And it’s raining.

10. Can’t reach the toilet paper holder from the toilet. Must investigate other alternatives.

11. Picture window blinds raise but do not tilt.

12. I have no idea where I’m going to put all my books. And I’ve tried to pare them down in the first place. I need to buy some shelves, but I’m not great at installing things like that. Will have to figure it out.

13. All of the electrical outlets in the kitchen are upside down.

14. The refrigerator opens from the wrong side.

15. My counter space is quite minimal. Must look into a mobile island.

So, now that I’ve exhausted the cons, let’s move on to the pros.

1. Birdy has a humongous fenced back yard, and she loves it! She trots around like she’s in paradise.

2. Hardwood floors.

3. Very light and bright.

4. French doors.

5. Apple tree.

6. Three Japanese maples.

7. I have really cool neighbors.

8. There is a lake about 3 blocks away.

9. I have a garage and won’t have to scrape ice this winter.

10. I have an arts-and-crafts studio.

11. New paint.

12. Decent curb appeal.

13. Neato-mosquito potting shed attached to the back of the garage.

14. Large tool shed in the back yard.

15. Irises, rose bushes, hostas, snowball bush, thrift, and LOTS of honeysuckle. And excellent gardening space in the back yard.

And this pretty much makes everything worthwhile:


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