Movies: Young Victoria

I haven’t seen too many movies lately that I have loved. I think as you get older, and you’ve seen so many, it becomes harder to be impressed. Especially when you are the movie freak I am. But Young Victoria was awesome, and I’ve already watched it multiple times.

I was just commenting to someone recently how I am not really into romance movies anymore now that I’m out of my twenties and living in the real world. Romantic movies used to be my favorite. I was so happy that my college boyfriend liked them too and was a romantic at heart. Even though he didn’t really translate that into real life actions so much. Although I am not that hard to impress. I found it particularly touching that he always remembered my favorite song by any given artist. And he was the only guy to ever gift me craft supplies for a birthday present, which is probably the most awesome thing I could have asked for.

Nowadays, bitter love stories are more my speed. Like “An Education.” Where the story seems too good to be true, and lo and behold, it is because someone turns out to be a lying douche, or just really fucked up. That is reality.

But Young Victoria I loved because it’s a period piece with awesome costumes and royal figures whose lives are not as perfect as one might think. And I loved the romance part of it because Victoria was so fiercely independent and was not going to get married just because it was expected of her. She was holding out for someone she really enjoyed being with. And she found that. Likewise, Prince Albert, whom she married, was not going to marry just any old princess. He was coached with all the right answers, but when it came down to it, he opted for just being himself, propriety be damned. And it worked. Victoria liked him more for that. Loved him for it, in fact.

Even when they were in the midst of conflict, he still took a fucking bullet for her. (And lived, but I mean, what an amazing thing to do regardless.) The reflexes involved in that second; the instinct that took over when he shielded her in the carriage from a would-be assassin — that is love.

I liked that they encouraged each other to be the people they each wanted to be, and loved each other more for the drive to become it. Not your typical romance movie. Highly recommended to replace at least one bitter love story in your Netflix queue.


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