Random Poetry


For two hours I sat mesmerized
listening to words about hunger
and programs progressively rustling
like grain stalks in a breeze
blown down neat rows,
watching you wait with
your forefinger gently grazing
the salted space of your nose and upper-lip,
a seedling mystery in moist blue eyes
claiming the silo-full room as your own

Soccer legs strode strongly across the stage
lit warmly like late afternoon sun streaming,
your tattoo winked and
suede soft wings battered
the walls of my stomach

Your voice ignited the void
with carefully constructed syllables
like bourbon before dinner
gripping the well of a cold glistening glass
and taunting my taste buds
with the ache of anticipation
(preheating an empty oven)
coating my helplessness
with the fragrance of warm rising dough

October 1997


1 Comment

  1. June 29, 2010 at 5:04 am

    Thank you, I really love this story. I appreciate what you are doing for poetry.

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