Gimpy Bird

We are having some doggy health issues at the moment. We spent all day Sunday at the ER vet getting x-rayed because I thought Bird had a broken toe. Apparently nothing is broken, but she does have a pulled muscle in her shoulder, so she’s been trying not to put weight on that side, and I’ve been massaging it hourly so that she can actually stand up long enough to go to the water bowl or outside to potty.

I have no idea what happened to her. Not that I make a habit of watching what she does in the back yard, but there really isn’t anything that can hurt her back there, and she hasn’t been playing with any other dogs too recently. Maybe she just jumped and landed wrong.

Last night I got up regularly when she cried to rub it and hold her. She goes as long as she can without showing weakness to the pack leader, but the pain must be too much eventually, and she knows I can make it better, so she cries. And I massage. And I cradle. And I coo and pad her with blankets and memory foam pillows. And she relaxes. When the pain begins to subside, she licks my face as if to say thank you. You can go back to bed for a while now.

Today when I got home from work she seemed to be feeling a lot better. She had no problem with the stairs today and was a little more animated. A far cry from lying immobile on her pallet of blankets and whining in pain every so often. As I write this, she actually just got up on her own to go eat. So apparently things are improving! But it has been a rough couple of days. To hear your baby cry in pain, especially when you’ve never heard that before, is quite startling.


1 Comment

  1. Xina said,

    July 21, 2010 at 4:21 am

    So happy to hear that she’s improving!

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