Crafty Love! War Damn Eagle!

It really sucks that as you get older you end up with best friends who live states away, as life paths diverge. I am really missing them, whose crazy work schedule is making it harder for us to talk as often as we’d like and are used to. Thank God for texting secretly while at work and for Skype! LOL!

Back in high school, I was a marching band person. I started to say “band geek” but at my strange small town high school, being in band didn’t make you a geek, and it actually upped your cool factor in some cases. My friend says, “That’s what all former band geeks say.” LOL.

Our band contained a lot of really popular people. For example, I was in band and also Student Body Vice President. I think the reason band and popularity went hand-in-hand in some cases was because we were the kind of people who liked and accepted everyone and were not snotty. We realized that sometimes the people who are considered outcasts are the coolest people you could ever hang out with. And we marched with a lot of them and became good friends.

The Colorguard performed with the Cheerleaders at football games. (We had a signature thing called “The Butt Dance.” Which involved a lot of ass shaking. Don’t ask.) We were very serious about our band competitions and won most of the ones we competed in. Our friends who were not in band usually came along to hang out because they were so much fun. I mean, who doesn’t love road trips, costumes, cheering audiences, watermelon shaved ice, and cuddling with cute boys in bleachers? Ah, high school.

I have to admit, marching band was one of the most fun things I did in high school. It was such a rush to be out on the field, under the bright lights, before a screaming crowd. And when we won our trophies at competition, we were notorious for storming the field as the other schools waited politely behind a chain link fence. We plowed over the fence. ūüôā We devoted hours and hours to practice. We were dedicated. We did not tolerate slackers. At least, not on that field. You better fucking roll your feet, heel-toe, goddammit! Or else we’re gonna get yelled at when we have to watch the video of that game! And our section is gonna have to run laps!

And the trumpet players had the best lips. Oh, the muscular wind instrument lips. ūüôā

So because I was in marching band, I went to every football game our school played, at home and away, for four years. And to this day, I understand the rules of the game very minimally. I was usually more interested in watching boys in bleachers than football. We had a spirit team that used to drive an old pick up truck around the track at time outs wearing rainbow clown wigs and rile up the crowd. I would safely say that they were the school stoners. (Our principal was great at getting everyone involved in the perfect way for them as individuals. He came up with the spirit truck just for the stoners, in fact.) It was the perfect job for them, and we loved them. There were always so many distractions. What are we doing after the game? That was all that was on anyone’s mind for the most part.

But I actually kinda enjoy watching football now, at least on the college level. I only watch college sports, really. Professional sports bore me, and I am too pissed off by how much money they’re making to take them seriously. They’re slow and lazy. College players work their asses off because they want to get a huge paycheck for being slow and lazy. But while they’re working towards it, there are so many shining moments of glory.

I really prefer college basketball and always have, BUT! This fall when I go visit my Alabama friends, I am going to go to my first SEC football game at Auburn (hopefully when they play Bama) and see what that is all about. I love a good rivalry. In high school, it was R-S Central vs. East Rutherford. College was Carolina vs. Duke. Apparently (not that I know first-hand since I am not from the deep South), the Auburn vs. Alabama rivalry is one of the fiercest.

I cannot wait to see some angry chanting and some awesome college marching bands (you see where my heart lies). Can’t wait to tail-gate while playing cornhole and drinking Southpaw. Can’t wait to get decked out in navy and orange and shout “WAR DAMN EAGLE!” And high five people at touch downs and wrap up under blankets in crispy fall air. That is sounding particularly good right now since we’ve had weeks of 95 degrees. Who am I kidding? I’m just looking forward to being able to wear a scarf! I look really cute in scarves. ūüôā

So here are some Auburn colored Etsy finds I want to take with me!

Auburn University Cornhole Board
$160 by Cornhole Nation
Perfect for tail-gating!

It Takes Two Baby Scarf
$45 by Nanna’s Knittings
Auburn colored scarf to wrap up in!

Atticus Finch Is My Co-Pilot T-Shirt
$20 by Inexplicable Confetti
What I”m wearing under my scarf and over a thermal long-sleeve. The book was set in Alabama, you know.

Dreamcatcher Earrings
$180 by Kalliope Jewelry
A little bit of hippie flair to finish off my ensemble. Gotta keep it true to me, yo.

Crafty Love! Festival Accessories

I’m getting pretty excited about my musical summer, which began last weekend with an Acoustic Syndicate show in High Point, NC. Next up is the Phish 3D movie this Friday. We’ve got a whole group going, and with any luck we’ll have the theater to ourselves. Or else I might be really surprised at how many closet Phans there are in the Triad and possibly meet some hot hippie boys. At the end of May, we have a weekend-long music festival, Smilefest, up in Stokes County. Looking forward to seeing Michael Franti & Spearhead, as well as more Acoustic Syndicate, Larry Keel, Barefoot Manner, David Via, and others. Also looking forward to camping amongst hundreds of my closest friends, playing some music before hitting the world’s comfiest sleeping bag, and eating camp stove grilled cheese. In July, I’m going to the two North Carolina Phish shows on summer tour (Charlotte and Raleigh). After that…who knows what else will present itself as an opportunity for more fun. Since I’m daydreaming about shows today, I’ve got some Etsy love for the hippies in my audience. (I know there’s at least one!) You need these things for your next show/festival. You need them bad.

It goes without saying that you’re gonna have to have a cool t-shirt or two. I have to say I’m probably one of the world’s pickiest people when it comes to t-shirt designs. There are just so many that are funny but don’t really work as shirts. For example, this one is hilarious, but I don’t want to wear it. I am somewhat of a tomboy hippie, because I prefer coverage as opposed to backless apron tops and whatnot. I am modest, I prefer to be comfortable above all else, and I think some things are better left to the imagination. I like the simplicity of this Grateful Dead reminiscent dancing skeleton batik, with what could be confetti or maybe glow sticks or stage lights.¬† And, as many people forget, it’s all about the music, man –and dancing and having fun and being amongst others who find happiness in that. $26.50 by Cracks in the Wax

Next you’re gonna need some accessories. Hemp is always good. Trippy glass is always good. I love staring at hand blown glass, and this artist is one of the best I’ve seen. (And I’ve seen a lot.) This necklace reminds me of one my friend got for trading his extra ticket when Trey came to Asheville back in our college days. I love the colors in this, and the craftsmanship is excellent. $50 by Vonbeads

For the festivals at least, this is my favorite toy/activity — hula hooping the night away to some good tunes. I have a basic stripey one that is pretty and functional, but I’m seriously coveting these LED ones that are like glow sticks on steroids and more fun to operate. I can’t quite afford one yet, sadly, so I’ll have to stick to my plain Jane hoop for now. But this is definitely the Cadillac of hoops. $190 by Midnight Star Glass

Crafty Love! Random Stuff I Like

I have a real obsession with the color green and with trying to bring the outdoors in. I even have tree branches hanging from the ceiling in my hallway. Everywhere you look around my apartment, there is something green and/or leafy. Naturally (pun intended – ha), I could see this lovely stained glass box just about anywhere amongst all my green treasures. We’ve talked before about my collecting boxes and then not knowing what to store in them. And I would feel the same way about this one. Maybe I can collect boxes just as small pieces of practical art! But I need display space for that. Sigh. Will work on it. $75 by Gallery Stained Glass

Oh, how I love sushi —¬†the exotic flavors as much as the food art aspect. Incidentally, this recent article in our local newspaper is like the best review of a sushi place ever. I sort of fantasize about becoming a master sushi chef just to be able to enjoy it at home. But the closest I’ve gotten is buying all the necessary ingredients, and then cooking and eating them at the same time but just without assembling them into the requisite roll shapes. I don’t have all the equipment anyway — like a rolling mat. But I’m pretty sure that if I had this beautiful leopardwood sushi table, I would probably just have to, at that point, go buy a rolling mat and get started. It is so typical of me to enjoy a food based mainly on its aesthetic virtues. $50 by Newberry Kitchen Accessories

Have I mentioned yet how much I like practical things? I love the concept of this — it’s a zippered arm band that you can wear while jogging or whatever instead of having to carry a purse. Because I love the look of (some) purses, but I hate carrying them. I don’t like to feel weighted down. I often think about how, in the event of a surprise parking lot attack, my purse will probably slow me down by the extra five seconds I need to react and escape. I¬†probably¬†spend way too much time thinking about¬†exactly how I would toss away (or perhaps use as a weapon) my bag if I needed¬†my hands to be free.¬†Just think about how much safer I would feel with ARMIES! (Love the name, also.) $12 by Bean Tails

Crafty Love! Random Stuff I Like

I can’t get over the innovation of these cool cuff bracelets. First of all, the embroidery is really detailed and colorful, but to make it even more interesting, it’s done on recycled men’s neckties. I really love these, and there are about four different ones I’d love to have. I also appreciate this seller’s pledge to donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit pet rescue in San Francisco. $45 by Madrigal Embroidery

As someone who works in marketing and advertising, I really love nice graphics. Somehow the color combination in this cat-and-bird print is unexpected, but it works. Love the inclusion of pink in the forest — reminds me of spring and blooming dogwoods! Also, since my pupper is named Birdy, I kinda have a thing for birds. $20 by Simply Fine by Karin

I am one of those people who has cases for everything. My purse is full of cases. Ipod case. Ipod cords case. Reading glasses case. Cell phone case. Change case. Camera case. Flip case. I even have a case of paperclips. Hey, even if my apartment is one big pile of stuff (but I know exactly where everything is), at least my purse is organized. This little felted case would be perfect for a cell phone. It sort of defeats the purpose of tiny technology when you can’t ever find it in the depths of your bag and spend half an hour digging around for something that feels like it could be a phone. Meanwhile you’ve missed 4 texts. I have a phone case already, but my two complaints about it are that it’s a little too big, and it has no closure, so the phone still falls out sometimes. This one would solve all of that, plus I LOVE the color and design! $25 by Sircu

Crafty Love!

I love zipper pouches. I have used these as my wallets for years. I absolutely love the addition of the clip on this one! So often, I grab my wallet and leave the rest of my purse in the car while I run in somewhere. Or I leave the house with only a wallet and keys when I’m going somewhere that requires my arms and hands to be unencumbered — like on thrift store Saturdays. I’d love to have a little clippy wallet attached to me¬†instead of cramming it in my jacket pocket! $10 by Goody Handbags

I am so ready for warm weather, it’s not even funny. My favorite thing about warm weather is being able to go barefoot as much as possible, and wearing flip flops when bare feet are just not possible. I am very addicted to my Teva Olowahu flip flops and own them in several different colors. They last forever, and the support is so good I’ve even done some light hiking in them. However, every once in a while you need something that’s a little bit nicer to wear out. And I am loving these! $45 by Sandali

Have I mentioned yet that blue and green is my favorite color combination? Oh, I have?¬†A thousand times, you say? This necklace is making me want to go to the beach and walk in wet sand,¬†search for sea glass fragments, wade through tide pools, and eat shrimp and oysters at sunset with the ocean as background music.¬†I¬†swear if¬†I see one more snowflake, I’m¬†moving to Caribbean to sell hemp necklaces to tourists.¬†$19 by Creatively Tangled

Crafty Love! Random Stuff I Like

I’ve always loved garden art. Not gaudy spectacles, but small, well-placed objets that make you smile when you happen across them while exploring. Like hunting for Easter eggs or buried treasure. Joy in the unexpected. When I am an old lady, I hope to have a beautiful garden full of odd things,¬†where I can host scavenger hunts for neighborhood children and read stories to them about the great outdoors while¬†having tea and crumpets on picnic blankets. Hopefully with a bunch of dogs hanging around. The first thing I’d hide would be this garden marker. Maybe underneath a giant pink rhododendron. $15 by The Magic Mud.

I inherited from my mother a serious penchant for lamps. And although I’ve never been a big fan of theme decor, I do love this lamp.¬†It¬†reminds me¬†of my visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, where I saw herds of elk and beautiful mule deer. I’d love this lamp in a cozy library with a fireplace and an overstuffed leather chair. $295 by Glassman1.

One of the things that annoys me about myself is that I tend to be full of contradictions. Case in point: I hate knick-knacks, or as we call them in the South, “set around things.” This is probably a result of growing up in a house full of precious mementoes that I was required to¬†dust every Saturday morning prior to doing anything fun. Also, I hate clutter. I live in a small apartment with little space for impractical things. But on the other hand, I have always loved little boxes. I don’t really have anything to keep in little boxes, and that is a point of internal conflict for me. They are not practical. But I love them. I love the mere idea of boxes to hide secret things from plain sight. And this little star shaped tie-dye box will be mine. What can I keep in it? $5 by Mmim.

Crafty Love!

I don’t drink much coffee, although I find it difficult to explain why, because I do like the taste. Coffee ice cream, for example, is one of my favorites. I’m just not so big on the hot drinks in general, unless it’s reeeeeeaaally cold, and I’m outside and need warming up. Then, I’d probably choose 1) Hot Apple Cider 2) Hot Black or Chai Tea 3) Coffee 4) Hot Chocolate, in order according to preference. I might drink hot drinks more often if I owned this mug, though. I love the unique shape and embellishments. $25 by Metamorphoses of Clay.

I drink wine only slightly more often than I drink hot drinks. But I could seriously become a collector of wine bottle stoppers. I really like them and the endless variations you see, but they’re one of those things you don’t buy for yourself and you don’t give as a gift because you’re afraid the recipient already has one. I don’t have any of these, so if anyone wants to help me start my collection, you’re more than welcome to enjoy the first beatifically corked bottle with me. This design looks like it would feel really nice in your hand — cool and smooth, with a nice concave¬†middle for gripping. $25 by Wayne Willcox.

I really really really really really want a pair of these pants in every color they offer. I know it’s not the sexiest thing a girl could wear, but they look so comfortable. And now that I am over 30, I choose comfort. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve always chosen comfort. What makes these pants even cooler (in my mind and certainly less cool in others) is that they are unisex. Soft and durable hemp linen — it’s good for the environment, and it gets better with age. Covet! $74 by Intertwined Designs.