Crafty Love! Starbucks

I guess we’re all pretty aware of how bad the economy and job market suck these days. I feel really fortunate that I don’t work for a big corporation so that my fears of being laid off are much less than  most people’s.

My friend has been searching for jobs in multiple states and multiple fields so that he could pay for his last year of college coming up this fall, and he finally got hired at Starbucks! Today is his first day on the new job, and we are celebrating the forthcoming paychecks (and hopefully gas for the tank so he can come visit me again soon).

He is very ADD and hyper, so I’m really not sure that daily exposure to espresso is going to be a good thing for him. But with his cute face and winning personality, I don’t doubt his ability to up-sell will stun and impress even the most seasoned customers.

“We have an amazing lemon poundcake today that would taste great with your latte! Also, this CD was made just for us to be listened to while eating lemon poundcake and drinking lattes! You need it to complete your total Starbucks experience!”

On a side note, I just bought some instant Starbucks packets at the grocery store recently, and they are actually really good. I recommend it for those of you like me who only crave coffee every so often and not frequently enough to own a coffee maker. Because when you only crave it a few times a year, you don’t want to be drinking Folgers or some shit.

Here are some really cool Starbucks related things I found on Etsy today. I particularly like the eco-friendly angle of them all. Of course.

The Original CupKozy
$7 by CupKozy
Replaces the paper sleeves and reduces waste!

Going to Hawaii Up-cycled Charm Bracelet
$15 by Jupita
Made from discarded gift cards!

Recycled Gift Card Notebook
$5 by AlmondWorks

Coffee Bag Tote
$65 by Susan O’Reilly


Earth Day Giveaway!

My good friend Jenny is having a cool Earth Day Giveaway over at her blog, Great Little Stories. I have contributed some eco-friendly handmade goodness, so go over there and check it out. It’s quite an assortment of cool things that will make it easier for you to “live green.”

Crafty Update: Lavender Dryer Sachets

This past Christmas, one of the handmade gifts I distributed was a set of lavender dryer sachets. Basically, they’re little pillows stuffed with dried lavender that you throw into your clothes dryer instead of using commercial dryer sheets, which are made with all kinds of gross (and harmful) petroleum based chemicals and animal fats. These are better for people and better for the environment, and they last a really long time and make your clothes smell of sweet, herbal lavender. They were such a big hit, I got orders from people who weren’t lucky enough to receive them as gifts but saw someone else receive them. So, I figured I better start selling them! Now available at Dote Handmade Goods. $15 for a set of three or get a sample and try one out for $5 (plus shipping).

Crafty Update: Paso Pacifico


Today Dote Handmade Goods was asked to participate in a charity event held by Paso Pacifico, a non-profit organization based in Ventura, CA dedicated to protecting endangered forests and wildlife along the pacific slope of Central America. Their programs include reforestation, community-based eco-tourism, wildlife research and protection, and environmental education. I’ll be providing them with eco-friendly map stationery for a silent auction at an event that will benefit their conservation programs in Nicaragua. Score one for the environment!

Crafty Update: Patchwork Panel Pants

My friend Jenny says I should post more stuff about my craft projects, since my blog is called “She’s Crafty.” The problem is that I always forget to take pictures of my projects. Since she made that comment, I’ve been trying to become more diligent about it. These are some slightly ill-fitting (though for $3.50, ill-fitting can be worked with) Goodwill  jeans I altered for her by sewing patchwork panels down the sides. This can also be done with corduroys, chinos, and what have you. Also, skirts. If anyone wants some, let me know. As I always tell Jenny, I enjoy being needed and sharing my crafty skillz, and I am fine with being paid in beer and/or Mexican food. (And so on.)

f 012

f 015

Crafty Update: Cosa Verde


Happy to announce that Dote Handmade Goods are now featured by Cosa Verde, a juried site that “connects independent and emerging artists
with environmentally-conscious consumers.” I am proud to be chosen as a marketer on this site, primarily because they planted 10 new trees in my honor. Yay!

Crafty Update: Artsy Rubbish

My map stationery is featured on the blog Artsy Rubbish! Tess from Yellow Dog Vintage has chosen lots of other cool recycled products made from maps, so head on over there and check it out!