Movies: Holy Rollers & The Cove

A testament to the types of random-ass movies I watch.

Based on a true story about a Hasidic Jew Ecstasy smuggling ring. Yes, random. Watched it because I like Jesse Eisenberg and I think he’s cute, in  a nerdy sort of way. An okay film.

If you don’t watch any other movie this year, it should be this one. Best documentary I have EVER seen, and I watch a lot of documentaries. About dolphin slaughter in Japan. Doesn”t sound very interesting, but believe me, this movie is ENTHRALLING. I am not the world’s biggest emotional fruitcake about animal rights, but this movie made me cry my eyes out. I definitely will watch this again.

Someone Cares About the Environment!

Okay, social networkers! Let’s do some good!

My friend Dave Boyer is a 7th grade science teacher at Kernersville Middle School, and his Garden Club is trying to win enough votes on Kohls’ Facebook contest to win one of (20) $500,000 prizes. It says to dream big — they want to convert their school into a net zero energy school with solar PV panels. Everyone can vote up to five times for a school. Please search Facebook for Kohls, “like” them, and vote for Kernersville Middle School (NC) 5 times!

If you know another school participating, you can support up to 5 schools.

Dave is doing a great job of educating a new generation about environmental issues, so please support the effort of an awesome public school teacher!

INCENTIVE: leave a comment telling me you voted, and I’ll enter you to win a handmade hemp Good Karma bracelet in the color of your choice! (Do good, and good will follow.) Now, GO VOTE!

Crafty Update: Lavender Dryer Sachets

This past Christmas, one of the handmade gifts I distributed was a set of lavender dryer sachets. Basically, they’re little pillows stuffed with dried lavender that you throw into your clothes dryer instead of using commercial dryer sheets, which are made with all kinds of gross (and harmful) petroleum based chemicals and animal fats. These are better for people and better for the environment, and they last a really long time and make your clothes smell of sweet, herbal lavender. They were such a big hit, I got orders from people who weren’t lucky enough to receive them as gifts but saw someone else receive them. So, I figured I better start selling them! Now available at Dote Handmade Goods. $15 for a set of three or get a sample and try one out for $5 (plus shipping).

Crafty Update: Cosa Verde


Happy to announce that Dote Handmade Goods are now featured by Cosa Verde, a juried site that “connects independent and emerging artists
with environmentally-conscious consumers.” I am proud to be chosen as a marketer on this site, primarily because they planted 10 new trees in my honor. Yay!