Free Necklace by Dote Handmade Goods

I’m giving away this handmade necklace over at On the Search for Hidden Treasure. Now’s your chance to win some of my art work! Go over there and enter to win!

Crafty Love!

I love zipper pouches. I have used these as my wallets for years. I absolutely love the addition of the clip on this one! So often, I grab my wallet and leave the rest of my purse in the car while I run in somewhere. Or I leave the house with only a wallet and keys when I’m going somewhere that requires my arms and hands to be unencumbered — like on thrift store Saturdays. I’d love to have a little clippy wallet attached to me instead of cramming it in my jacket pocket! $10 by Goody Handbags

I am so ready for warm weather, it’s not even funny. My favorite thing about warm weather is being able to go barefoot as much as possible, and wearing flip flops when bare feet are just not possible. I am very addicted to my Teva Olowahu flip flops and own them in several different colors. They last forever, and the support is so good I’ve even done some light hiking in them. However, every once in a while you need something that’s a little bit nicer to wear out. And I am loving these! $45 by Sandali

Have I mentioned yet that blue and green is my favorite color combination? Oh, I have? A thousand times, you say? This necklace is making me want to go to the beach and walk in wet sand, search for sea glass fragments, wade through tide pools, and eat shrimp and oysters at sunset with the ocean as background music. I swear if I see one more snowflake, I’m moving to Caribbean to sell hemp necklaces to tourists. $19 by Creatively Tangled