Crafty Love

A new blog feature, to be a regular one. Because I like cool stuff that people make, and you care what I like. ūüôā

I’m just throwing this out into the universe in the hopes that someone will repeat it to the appropriate party one day. This awesome-in-its-simplicity white topaz ring is what I want if I ever become engaged. I¬†could not¬†care less about diamonds. So, friends, remember to pass that along if you ever need to, K? One day it may come to pass. $65 by Garnet Girl Designs.

Every girl needs a compact mirror sometimes. I need one more often than most people because the light in my cavernous apartment’s bathroom sucks, and therefore I am beginning to rely on friends (or¬†their lighted car visor mirrors) to tell me when I need to pluck my eyebrows. This is unacceptable. I totally want one of these cute little hippie chic compacts, although I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. I’m kinda partial to that first one in the green and purple. $3.75 by Kung Fu Cowgirl.

Now that mass-market retail has once again embraced “hippie fashion” — a term my mother abhors,¬†since she wore patchwork because she had holes —¬†I have a really hard time finding uniquely boho things to wear.¬†I¬†have a certain style¬†that I like, but I¬†don’t want to¬†be at¬†a festival or show wearing a¬†skirt whose brand or origin¬†one can¬†easily identify.¬†It’s also hard to find suitably non-Ann-Taylor-looking clothing for occasions where tie-dye is simply not going to pass. But the¬†construction and detailing¬†on this tunic¬†are so nice, I think I could even get away with wearing¬†it to the office. Maybe. So unique! $74 by Chopstix Waits.

Crafty Update: Patchwork Quilt

I am making a patchwork quilt, and it’s about halfway done now…coming along nicely. But slowly.


Crafty Update: Om Tank

This is a very simple tank top in tan silk that I have embellished. I finished embroidering this shirt last night, and even added the ribbon hem trim that you can see in the background of this picture in the pile of supplies. But I don’t have pictures of the finished product yet, so I’ll show you the in-progress photos. I need a model!¬†Volunteers?

Update: I have finished product photos now, so that’s the first one shown. Just listed this in my new Etsy shop!

j 003



Crafty Update: Soul Shakedown Party

I should probably mention that I’ve been convinced by a couple friends to open yet another Etsy shop for selling handmade hippie stuff. It’s called Soul Shakedown Party. Right now there’s just a pot holder listed…because every time I make something, one of my friends wants to own it before I can get around to listing it. Which is definitely a good thing!

c 017

c 018

This skirt looks amazingly cute on Jenny. If she says it’s okay, maybe I’ll post a picture of her wearing it. I had no idea skirts were so easy to make! I would have been doing this years ago!

c 002

Here’s a gauzy cotton peasant shirt with some decorative beads and a little rasta trim embroidered on the hem. Coocatchoo snatched this one up right away!¬† Today I’m working on embroidering a silk tank top with an “Om” mandala design. Hopefully I will finish it today and have pics up soon!

Crafty Update: Patchwork Panel Pants

My friend Jenny says I should post more stuff about my craft projects, since my blog is called “She’s Crafty.” The problem is that I always forget to take pictures of my projects. Since she made that comment, I’ve been trying to become more diligent about it. These are some slightly ill-fitting (though for $3.50, ill-fitting can be worked with) Goodwill¬† jeans I altered for her by sewing patchwork panels down the sides. This can also be done with corduroys, chinos, and what have you. Also, skirts. If anyone wants some, let me know. As I always tell Jenny, I enjoy being needed and sharing my crafty skillz, and I am fine with being paid in beer and/or Mexican food. (And so on.)

f 012

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