Crafty Love! Handstamped

I’ve always been a big fan of personalization, and these days personalized jewelry is all the rage. Unfortunately there is a lot on the market that is either ugly or looks the same as fifty other products. Browsing on Etsy, I found a few personalized items that are a bit more unique and interesting. Lately I’ve been trying to suppress the urge to get a tattoo, so maybe a personalized key chain or something would be the regret-free way to go. These are some things I would actually purchase for myself or a friend…since I have a tendency to develop catch-phrases with people. 🙂 I mean, what fun would life be without nicknames and catch-phrases??

Recycled Silver Initial Ring
$24 by Two Chicks Too

Suede Monogram Wrap Bracelet
$64 by jp style

Copper Pet Tag
$7.25 by Ao Designs

Custom Cuff Bracelet
$60 by Metal Pressions

Family Totem Key Chain
$55 by Silver Me Pendants

Custom Key Chain
$14.75 by The Copper Poppy