Crafty Love! Random Stuff I Like

I am so excited to tell you guys that I’m moving in just a few weeks! Not across the country or anything — just around the corner. But I am going from a small one-bedroom apartment (which you’ve heard me complain about incessantly) to a wonderfully cute and quirky two-bedroom house. I have been fantasizing about the day I could have my own craft studio and a fenced yard for the Bird Dawg again. The house is in a great, walkable neighborhood, and it has hardwood floors, French doors, a fireplace, an apple tree, and a huge 1/3 acre yard for Birdy to run wild. It’s like her own personal football field. She has met it already. They are in love. So I really can’t wait to start decorating and making curtains and so on. I stumbled across these fine art photographic prints on Etsy today, and I think they are so beautiful. I’m thinking a series of frames behind the sofa. It’s time to abandon the ubiquitous Georgia O’Keeffe poppy print. It’s pretty and all, but I need something more unique. These colors are gorgeous, and I think they will look great in my new living room. $25 by Raceytay

I have a serious thing for stained glass. And useful art. And nature-y things. And candles. Oh, and what do we have here? A beautiful stained glass lotus flower tea light holder? Yes, I think this would look perfect in my new house, on an end table, or the mantle, perhaps. The artist has another one available in clear glass, which is also beautiful. But I think I like the colors more. $45 by Stephanie Burciaga

Jenny and I have been lamenting the early arrival of oppressive heat. Spring and fall are by far my favorite seasons, as I am not really a fan of extremes, and it seems as if this year winter is skipping right into summer. It’s April! It’s not supposed to be 85 degrees yet! Gah! This is one of the reasons I live in North Carolina — we have actual seasons here. But apparently we’re getting cut down to two. Hot and cold. Even when it’s super hot outside, I really don’t like to wear shorts all that much. Lightweight pants are my preference for comfort and style. You don’t want to see my pale legs any more than I feel like showing them off. Plus, my skin is really sensitive to the sun (thank you, Scots-Irish ancestors), so with too much exposure I basically turn a mottled red, which then itches. Not fun. I figure these Thai fisherman pants are just the ticket. They’re made from organic cotton, which is breathable and light and softens with wear. And it’s a traditional Thai garment. It’s pretty freaking hot in Thailand, right? I bet they know what they’re doing. $18 by Khao San Road


Crafty Update: Patchwork Panel Pants

My friend Jenny says I should post more stuff about my craft projects, since my blog is called “She’s Crafty.” The problem is that I always forget to take pictures of my projects. Since she made that comment, I’ve been trying to become more diligent about it. These are some slightly ill-fitting (though for $3.50, ill-fitting can be worked with) Goodwill  jeans I altered for her by sewing patchwork panels down the sides. This can also be done with corduroys, chinos, and what have you. Also, skirts. If anyone wants some, let me know. As I always tell Jenny, I enjoy being needed and sharing my crafty skillz, and I am fine with being paid in beer and/or Mexican food. (And so on.)

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