Random Pet Peeve: 4-Way Stops

Because no one understands how they’re supposed to work. And if you do, you’re gonna get hit anyway, because the idiot to your left thinks it’s his turn, or that he can follow the car in front of him straight through without even stopping. Humans are dumb; we need stoplights.

Random Pet Peeve: Beverage Glasses

It drives me crazy when people fail to use the appropriate glass for a specific type of beverage. Wine should not be drunk out of juice glasses. Mixed drinks should not generally be drunk from pint glasses unless you are having a Mind Eraser or an Irish Car Bomb. This rule doesn’t count if you’re in college and need to consume your alcohol in any way possible. But if you’re an adult, please. Refer to the Crate & Barrel catalog and order an entire set of glasses for every possible type of drink imaginable. I promise it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and you will be so much cooler. Do it!

Random Pet Peeve: Baked Lays

It’s like eating card stock. Have we seriously not reached the point in food evolution that we can’t produce a diet food that doesn’t taste like cardboard? GACK.

Random Pet Peeve


Sneezing. With food in your mouth. Gross.

Random Pet Peeve: Unmedicated Adult ADHD


Especially when your child is medicated for ADHD, and you share all the same symptoms. And when it affects my life.

Random Pet Peeve


Trying to eat grapes right after you brush your teeth. BLECH!