Musical Monday: Bon Jovi


Are you laughing yet? I’m really not a Bon Jovi fan. When I was in the 5th grade (1988), I had the flu, and my dad wanted to buy me a present to make me feel better. I asked for the cassette tape of Bon Jovi’s album, “New Jersey.” I don’t remember why I liked it at the time. It was the first cassette tape (of popular music, anyway) that I ever owned. I heard “Lay Your Hands on Me” driving home from work today and thought, “Why did I like this when I was 10?” I still have no clue what about it appealed to me. But any time I hear a song from that album (“Bad medicine is what I need, whoa-a-oh!”), I will always remember being sick and in 5th grade and getting my first tape. And everyone thought I was really cool when I got better and went back to school, too. We passed my Walkman around on the playground while twisting our swings tighter and tighter, like a telephone cord. Then we’d cling to one of the front poles on the swing set, and let go on the count of three, spiralling and zig-zagging backwards, kicking up wood chips, enjoying the sporadic and unpredictable movement in the middle of a militarily structured day.