Now I Can Survive

Reason number whatever that I am loving living in Alabama: SNO-BIZ! I can’t say I’ve ever lived in a place that had sno-cone stands everywhere. It must be because it gets so damn hot down here, and that phase of summer is just barely beginning right now. But I am a complete sucker for shaved ice. Back in high school when I was a marching band geek, we would go on trips to competitions on Saturdays and get Hawaiian ice (same difference) after we performed, changed clothes, and were ready to relax and watch the other bands. We spent hours eating Hawaiian ice, hanging out with our friends in the bleachers, watching our competitors, and flirting. Great memories. Prior to this week, that was probably the last time I actually had a shaved ice.

And then, someone introduced me to the awesomeness that is Sno-Biz.

Not only do they have a three-page menu of potential flavors and flavor combinations, but you can also get Italian cream sodas which are basically just slushier and in a cup with a straw. Personally, I prefer the spoon and bowl. Mother of God, I love it so much! I can foresee this as one of my savings graces for surviving the summer down here. That, and friends who love going to the pool.

Funny story: when I first moved here, I drove by this place called Tiger Ice, a little roadside stand with a sign. I was so freaking excited because I THOUGHT it was a Hawaiian ice stand. Then a friend informed me that since we are in SEC football country, the land of epic tailgating, there are places where you can just randomly buy bags of ice. I was so disappointed! Plain ice? How boring!